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What to Know Before Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

The high demand for medical and recreational cannabis is driving people back to the farms to produce cannabis and make money. Long ago, there were only two popular strains but nowadays, things have change quite considerably and there are a plethora of strains. Many seed varieties are on the market and as a novice, you might not know the best one and this article provides a quick guide on how to pick the best cannabis seeds.

Cheap cannabis seeds are perceived to be low quality but that is not usually the case and you have to evaluate to know the best one. If you have readily available cash, you might want to purchase the expensive seeds but that would be a huge gamble since you are growing it for the first time. There is some element of truth in each case but since you are trying cannabis farming for the first time and you do not know a lot of things, better go for moderately priced varieties. It is better to start planting seeds that are less expensive and as you gain more experience, you can go for the expensive seeds afterward.

Choose sativa or indica. When you contemplating planting sativa or indica, you must prioritize your needs. Indica remains the best choice for people who are planting cannabis for the first time. Indica takes a shorter period to start flowering than sativa. As a novice, you might not have the patience to wait for a long time before the plant starts flowering. Moreover, indica is less susceptible to common diseases and pests. Indica is a bit tolerant to some diseases and pest and thus, you will not have a lot of complications as you would have with sativa.

Always opt for the feminized varieties. When you will be shopping for cannabis seeds, you will come across seeds labelled feminized and regular. You might be tempted to pick the regular seeds due to their low rates but you should not something important before that. The feminized seed are better than the regular and you might pay a little more to acquire them but it is worthwhile. They are highly productive and are less bothered by diseases compared to the regular ones.

Consider buying autoflower seeds. This variety is the most suitable for a farmer who is just starting. It combines everything you want in a plant such as low price, feminized, highly tolerant to diseases and indica dominant. The plant thrives in many regions despite the difference in weather conditions. However, they do not produce large plants and their bud quantity is low. If you want cannabis for your personal use, then it would be the best choice. If you want to grow cannabis for commercial or medical use, then go for other strains with high yield.
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