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There are some diseases and conditions that are not easily treated using common solutions but the regenerative medicine has shown to better treat such conditions. The immune system is improved by this medicine which comprises of essential elements like proteins and cytokines. The process of healing is made faster through mechanisms to counter the harmful processes caused by an injured part. Researchers suggest the ability of these cells to help in the treatment of various chronic and stubborn infections. The umbilical cord has been found to contain some stem cells that can be used to manufacture the regenerative medicine.

These feels were being got from the bone marrow but it is suggested that the cells in the umbilical cord are much powerful than those from the bone marrow. The umbilical cord is preferred due to the fact that it is easier to acquire these cells here than in other sources like the bone marrow. They also possess the ability to self renew themselves at a faster rate compared to those from the bone marrow. The cells are more effective when got from the umbilical cord since they do not have as many contaminants as others. The stemness properties are able to give better results and those from the umbilical cord have more of these properties.

Researchers say that the cells are easily extracted from the umbilical cord and that the cells can be standardized with more ease. It is possible to extract a lot of these cells from the umbilical cord requiring just simple procedures compared to when got from other sources. The cells can be used to treat conditions like injured nervous system due to having low immunogenicity properties. Although it has been previously difficult to treat the neurodegenerative disease, the cells show a potential of creating an effective drug for it. They can do this through partial reversal of the neuron degeneration and nerve functions of the femoral nerve.

Neuropathic pain can also be significantly relieved for patients when these cells are introduced as medicine. The cells usually reduce the neuropathic pain activators while also increasing the neuropathic pain inhibitors to treat this type of pain. The studies indicate the possibility of stem cells to be used in making medicine that can treat some eye problems. Diabetic neuropathy usually leafs to foot ulcers and this condition has been shown to be countered by using the cells. The erectile dysfunction has been impossible to treat completely and the solution was to only repress its symptoms but with the cells it can be cured. The stem cells are used to make medicine which can be effective in treating common lung conditions such as asthma and also problems like inflammatory diseases.
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