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What You Should Know About the ETSA Application Process

A lot of people do not understand what the ETSA process means. The ESTA program was introduced after the Visa Waiver program was introduced, the ESTA allows you to travel from the UK to the US without a visa. Although this process is easy than the Visa application process, a lot of people fail to understand what it entails and how it has come to help. To assist you in understanding the process the article will highlight the key issues that influence the process and why you need to get external help through the process.

The ETSA is an authorization that you are given after you have offered information online and it has been vetted, and you have been found to be fit to visit the US. The ETSA application process is different from the VISA because it takes twenty-four hours to get your application status, unlike the VISA application process which may take two weeks or more. Another major difference is the validity of the document. When using the ETSA you are only authorized to be in the USA for two years which commence from the date that the document is approved. It should be noted that the document cannot be extended.

The ETSA allows you to access the US for business and tourism purposes. However, it does not allow you to visit the US and take a job. When you are told that you can visit for business purposes, it implies that you can go for meetings, conferences and the like. The document can also be used to access medical treatment in the US and short education courses.

When you apply for this document, you should wait three responses that include; pending approval, travel not authorized or authorized. When you receive the approved response, it means that the ETSA has been approved and you can travel. If the response states that it is pending, it means that the information will take more time to vet and there will be a response in seventy-two hours. When the authorization has been denied it means that you cannot travel to the US using the ETSA document.

The authorization of the document is based on the information that you provide. To get authorized fast, make sure that you apply fast and use the right information in the application process. Many of the people who have not received authorization has been because they have not offered the information that is required. To ensure that you get a good response, always engage experts in the application process.

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