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What You Should Know About Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis happens when someone is suffering from a substance abuse problem and a mental problem at the same time. At times, it is referred to as COD which is the acronym for co-occurring disorders. COD are common for mentally ill patients who have suffered from substance abuse. Drug abusers also tend to suffer from COD since that abuse can lead to being mentally ill in the long run. As a matter of fact, about 9 million Americans are suffering from COD. In addition to that, the dual diagnosis treatment is only received by a small percentage of the patients.

Statistics have concluded that mental illness and drug abuse tend to go hand in hand. That’s also why those who are suffering from COD needs dual diagnosis treatment. Having that said, it’s also important for you to know the challenges that can come with the dual diagnosis treatment. COD patients tend to have issues when it comes to the state of their psychology. Identifying the patient’s pre-existing mental problems can be difficult if they are already suffering from substance abuse.

It’s not recommended to treat a COD patient just for their substance abuse or vice versa. The patient can also go into a relapse if the focus was solely one treating the mental illness. Not being able to provide dual diagnosis treatment caused rehab centers to have an increased number of patients who are suffering from a relapse. Not receiving the dual diagnosis treatment as soon as possible only makes the patients’ condition worse.

The dual diagnosis treatment is necessary in order to ensure that the patient will be able to recover fully. There are also specialized rehab centers out there that can truly provide a reliable dual diagnosis treatment for every COD patient. Receiving the proper treatment means finding the right-center and a bit of research can help you with that.
When it comes to dual diagnosis treatment, it’s usually about asking which problem came first.

It’s not that easy to know if the drug abused caused the patient’s mental illness or vice versa. The substance abuse usually comes in for those who are already suffering from depression or anxiety. Needless to say, substance abuse can only make the mental illness worse.
Individuals who suffer from the mental condition usually have a history with drugs and alcohol.

Adding to that, alcohol and drugs can only make someone’s mental issues even worse.
In the end, a patient becomes a mentally ill addict because of what they thought would fix their problem.

That makes every COD patient a tricky case.

It’s important for the patient to realize that substance abuse isn’t helping them. Of course, if they want to get better, they need to ensure that they’re ready for the dual diagnosis treatment. Needless to say, there’s no such thing as an easy way to treat COD.

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