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Free Marketing Ideas

You may experience a creative block in your day-to-day activities as a marketer once in a while. Since marketing is quite dynamic it is essential that a marketer comes up with new ideas every so often. When you are experiencing creative blocks you can read more here on the marketing ideas that you can implement for your business.

You should consider repurposing and rewriting old content. As a marketer you will find it quite challenging to meet the high demand for quality content on a daily basis, and you can read more here on different ways that you can repurpose and rewrite old content. There are many search engine optimization benefits of reusing old content. When you decide to rewrite old content then this boost your page, and you have better ranking on the search engines. If you are thinking of how you can repurpose an original post then you can consider updating it or rewriting the same topic.

If you are experiencing a creative freeze then it is essential that you consider joining a podcast as a marketer. The use of podcasts is becoming popular for many people as podcast have a focus on different niche, and you can find the one that is it a new industry. You can consider using a podcast as an avenue to advertise your brand as you can sponsor a particular podcast episode and have the host deliver an ad. You can you use podcast ads to promote a special by using a code to get a certain discount off your purchase. You should consider starting your podcast for your business especially if you have an audience that listens to podcast often. If you decide to start a podcast it is essential that you understand the factors that will make your podcast successful and you can read more here about podcasts.

As a market it is essential that you understand the importance of creating catchy email subject lines. Read more here to learn how to create email subject lines that will have your audience attention. The subject line you use for your email will always impact the emotion of your audience and should take him to practice on creating the right subject lines. Divide the last 100 subject lines into two and have and have the ones that had the good click rate in half and the ones that had a bad click rate in another half. Have it lists copy-pasted one-at-a-time on a word cloud maker to find the words that are favorable for a business and the ones that are not. There is also the option of getting a marketing company to do it for you and you can read more here about this service.